The actual story I read said “this isn’t something you see every day” but I think that’s incorrect.  More people than we maybe like to admit, really do care about others.  The proof was this past week at the Mr. Burger on Lake Michigan Drive over on the west side of Grand Rapids.

Brittany Carmody posted to the We Are Westsiders Facebook group on Thursday,

I took my kids to Mr. Burger last night for dinner and 3 members of the GRPD, that were also dining there, unexpectedly paid for our meal as well as the people behind me. I didn't get a chance to tell them thank you but it meant so much to us and helped show my kids the kindenss of police officers ❤️ :)

WZZM 13 reached out to the Mr. Burger where the manager told them that the trend has started at their location lately, at least once a week, where people are paying it forward.  Which continues to prove the old saying, “the west side is the best side.”

WZZM 13 also talked to Sgt. Dan Adams with GRPD who said,

"One of the battles officers fight is the culture of the Grand Rapids Police Department, and in my mind, when you see officers doing that or handing out stickers to kids - that's the culture of the Grand Rapids Police Department," Sgt. Adams said. "There are people behind these badges and underneath these bullet proof vests."


I like that we’re seeing this trend and hopefully, it will kind of pick up across West Michigan, and not just with the police.

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