What're your thoughts?  Should Halloween be changed from October 31st and moved to the last Saturday of October?

The Halloween & Costume Association started a petition on Change.org, with a goal of 75,000 signatures so it can then be sent to President Trump for consideration, and according to Detroit Free Press, as of Thursday night, the petition is at 63,000 signatures.

Looking at the petition, a lot of their reasons for changing the date of the spooky holiday are mainly safety-related including the fact that there are 3,800 Halloween related injuries each year along with a lot of talk about how parents don’t discuss safety with their kids, which doesn’t really sell the fact that moving it to the last Saturday of October will make kids safer.  I get that if you didn’t have to wait until after work and then go out in the dark, it would be safer, I’m just saying the petition takes a lot of time to shame the parents, which changing just the date won’t make people more apt to teaching safety to their kids.

BUT the petition does hit one key point as to why we should change the holiday from a set date to the last weekend of the month:

  • 51% Of Millennials say Halloween is their favorite holiday, why cram it into 2 rushed evening weekday hours when it deserves a full day!?!

Finally, the truth is out!  And I signed the petition based on the very last point alone.

What do you think?  In West Michigan, it’s already really dark (and usually snowy and cold) by the time trick or treating happens.  This year, October 31st falls on a Thursday… so are you OK celebrating on Oct 26th instead?



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