Playboi Carti was recently captured on video throwing his guitarist across the stage during a live performance.

The Primavera Sound music festival in Barcelona, Spain is in full swing, and Playboi Carti took the stage on Thursday night (June 9). His sets are typically turnt, but this show appeared to take a left turn when the Whole Lotta Red rapper grabbed his guitarist and slung him across the stage. In video captured of the incident, Carti can be seen grabbing the musician. They twirl around for a few seconds before Carti slings the man to the ground. After hitting the stage, the guy quickly pops up right before the snippet ends. It is unclear if this was part of the act or if Carti became angered at the musician.

XXL has reached out to Playboi Carti's team for comment.

Other footage from Carti's festival set shows the rapper performing songs like "Flex Up," "Rockstar Made" and "Stop Breathing" for a super lit crowd of thousands.

Late last year, Playboi Carti embarked on the King Vamp Tour along with Rico Nasty and Ken Car$on. The tour ran from mid-October to late December and also featured some wild moments including a fan getting beaten up in the crowd. A fan went viral for wearing an ankle monitor to another show and bragging about breaking his curfew to attend. In April, fans attending Playboi Carti's set at the Smoker's Club Fest in San Bernardino, Calif. broke down a barrier and rushed the stage.

See video of Playboi Carti throwing his guitarist across the stage and more footage from his live performance at the Primavera Sound music festival below.

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