Plenty throughout hip-hop have offered their opinion, not only on the new president and his administration, but on the meetings he holds as well, particularly when Kanye West made the trip to Trump Tower in December. Speaking with TMZ, Public Enemy's Professor Griff added to the growing chorus, saying that Donald Trump needs to take meetings with Black Americans that have less of a celebrity status.

"You meeting with all these Black people, won’t you meet with some real Black people that can really sit back and sit down with you that make some damn sense," Griff says in the video below. "I ain't taking shots at Kanye Mess and Steve Harvey and the rest of these cats, but c'mon man."

Griff as well says he's eager to see how protesting and social activism will translate into new music "Not only Public Enemy should make music that speaks to and against this kind of wave of hypocrisy, I think all the other artists that have some sense…I see them on Twitter, I want to hear they songs that speak against this madness," he says. "I see what they’re doing on social media but will they get out here at LAX with the people and protest?"

He additionally speaks on his experience traveling the country as a Muslim citizen, saying he is often strip searched because of his name.

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