I truly believe that I have learned more on TikTok about world news and various other things than I did when I was in school.

As I was scrolling down the endless TikTok black hole, I discovered a TikTok user, Nick Jackson, who gives daily news roundups.

@niickjackson everything on the news simplified in 60 seconds 6/16/24 #news #niickjackson #greenscreen ♬ original sound - Nick Jackson

Have you heard about the ongoing issues with QR code scams? If you are like me, you do not know anything. Let's get educated together.

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FBI & Experts Warn About QR Code Scams

Before you casually scan a QR code, you may want to think a little harder about what you are about to do.

There is another security issue that has occurred because of this very common action that millions of people do daily.


With the rise of QR codes, they have become a thing that you see daily, whether that is how you order food at a restaurant or for promotional items.

Cybersecurity expert Adrianus Warmenhoven from NordVPN shared in an interview that scammers are using QR codes like never before.

If you have an 'unpatched browser' or a browser that is vulnerable to attacks, once the QR code takes you to your phone's Internet browser, it could take you to the page that is linked to the attacker.

iStockphoto, Getty Images
iStockphoto, Getty Images

Once that happens, the hacker can infect and take over your device's system.

However, there is something else that makes this 10 times scarier.

Warmenhoven explained that you will not "suspect anything is out of the ordinary" even though the hacker is causing havoc on your phone.

How are you supposed to fix the issue if you do not even know that you have an issue?

So, before you scan a QR code, be aware and vigilant!

8 Things To Do If You Paid A Phone Scammer

Merciless phone scammers are targeting unaware folks with schemes involving pleas for charity, car warranties, unpaid traffic tickets, you name it. The Federal Trade Commission says, "Scammers often ask you to pay in ways that make it tough to get your money back. No matter what payment method you used to pay, the sooner you act, the better."
If you have paid one of these scammers and then realize you have been scammed, here are 8 tips from the Federal Trade Commission, on what to do if you have paid a scammer.

Gallery Credit: Brad Carpenter/Federal Trade Commission/Canva

Expert Tips for Avoiding Online Shopping Scams

In order to avoid a scammer getting the better of you, check out the following red flags to look out for as well as preventative measures to take from Dr. Skiba, AKA Dr. Fraud himself:

Gallery Credit: Maria Danise

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