R. Kelly might be focused on pleasing his female fan base to the best of his veteran abilities, but unfortunately he might have to shift gears and worry about a new lawsuit. According to documents that were publicly released, the Black Panties singer is reportedly being sued by Deputy Kenneth Bryant of the Hinds County Sheriff’s Department for allegedly having an affair with his wife.

According to the documents, the lawsuit claims Kellz had an affair with Asia Childress both before and after the she was married to Bryant on July 12th, 2012. Following their wedding, Childress allegedly told Bryant her affair with the R&B star was over, but the lawsuit claims the two rekindled their dealings during a reunion at Kelly's concert in October of last year. “Each time R. Kelly would have a concert in a nearby state, Childress would disappear to unite with her lover," the lawsuit reads. "Time after time, R. Kelly cuckolded Bryant, with blatant disregard for Bryant’s and Childress’ vows.” What's even more wild is the lawsuit also claims the "Thoia Thong" hitmaker allegedly gave Childress chlamydia in the midst of their affair.

The documents state Childress allegedly convinced her husband to move to Atlanta so he could "grow his career," but he claims that isn't true. Unfortunately, he believes the real reason they moved to the southern city was so Childress could be closer to Kellz. Documents state Bryant is allegedly seeking "an unspecified amount of financial compensation of damages" and hopes to "punish [R. Kelly], make an example of him to others, and to deter him and other similarly-situated defendants from engaging in adulterous conduct in the future.”

We're not sure if Kellz has acknowledged the lawsuit yet, but we'll be sure to keep you updated as the case plays out.

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