What has the world come to?

A famous rapper's face has been used for a racist campaign in our state.


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Who Is SpotemGottem?

Have you heard of SpotemGottem?

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If you do not recognize the name, you will definitely recognize his mega-viral hit "Beat Box."

So many different artists have done their own rendition of the hit, while Spot's fans cannot get enough of it.

Besides his successful hit, SpotemGottem has been dealing with legal troubles with a weapons charge.

Last month, the Florida native went viral after bodycam footage from a 2023 incident that involved him leaked online.

While we are waiting for more music and announcements from SpotemGotten, his name is making headlines for an insane reason.

SpotemGottem Featured On Extremely Racist Billboard

SpotemGotten's face has been featured on an extremely racist billboard in Michigan.

However, no one knows who is behind this disgusting messaging!

What the heck?!

This is the most disgusting and most blatant racism that I have seen in a while.

You would think in the year 2024, we, as Black people, would not have to deal with this disrespectful and dehumanizing display of hatred.

As of now, we do not know who has created and put up this billboard. However, I hope someone figures this out soon and takes the proper action against it.

What do you think will happen with this heinous situation?

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