Depending on your relationship status, Valentine's Day can either be a day to celebrate or sulk. Love is in the air, candy hearts fill drug store aisles and dinner reservations have never been harder to secure. Love and heartache have been rich source material for musicians of any genre and so XXL has asked a number of rappers to share their fondest Valentine's Day memory or scariest sob story.

Kamaiyah remembers waiting until 10 p.m. for a boyfriend, who showed up at her house with gifts to find her not having it, while in the fourth grade, GoldLink stole one of his mother's rings to gift to a crush. "I put the ring in her little pocket thing by the chalk boards. And I put it in the envelope to find out she never got it because it slipped through the hole in the corner! So she never got it and I promise you I got whooped," he says.

Zoey Dollaz meanwhile recalls finding $400 in his front yard one Valentine's Day. "I went to a gas station on a bike, copped a beer, went to her crib, called her and she was crazy about it." Sadly, many, like Ugly God, associate Valentine's Day with heartbreak. "When I lived in Houston, I got my ass broken up with on Valentine's Day," he says. "I was in like second or third grade. I don't really like [Valentine's Day]. I like the candy though, the chocolate."

Read more of your favorite rappers' best and worst Valentine's Day stories in the gallery above.

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