The latest Verzuz battle between Omarion and Mario went down last night, but Ray J stole the show for the wrong reasons.

The hits contest between the millennial R&B stars took place live from Los Angeles Thursday night (June 23). In a twist, the main event featured a preshow battle between Ray J and Bobby V vs. Pleasure P and Sammie. Things went a little left when Ray J performed his 2005 hit "One Wish." In video of the show, Ray is seen struggling to belt out the notes of the slow R&B ballad while he holds his son.

Seeing their comrade in peril, the other three singers attempted to help out by adding some three-part harmony as background vocals. When the song was finally over, Ray J offered justification for being off-key.

"Hey, I missed a few notes on that, but I was holding my son," he told the crowd before giving up the mic. "Y'all gotta excuse me for that."

Things got awkward again when Ray J appeared to get upset at Bobby V, Pleasure P and Sammie for interrupting his song with sound vocals.

"Y'all all been interrupting my song, singing my songs, singing the harmonies," a seemingly frustrated Ray J said onstage while still holding his son. "I start again a cappella to try and serenade Princess and y'all go, 'One wish,' again. Like, damn. Just let me get one off...All y'all niggas just mad ’cause y'all don't own y'all hits."

Ray became a trending topic on Twitter during the show because of his vocals and antics.

"Ray J sing just like me," one person posted.

"Last night was a shit show Ray J should wake up embarrassed," someone else typed.

See more reactions from Twitter about Ray J's Verzuz performance below.

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