So we voted in Prop 1, making recreational marijuana legal, November 6th.  Now the question is, when does this actually go into effect?

Well, MLive has the answer.   They’re reporting that the law would go into effect December 6th, exactly a month after Prop 1 won at the midterm elections.

The reason it takes until December 6th is because, in Michigan, laws voted on in an election go into effect 10 calendar days after the Board of State Canvassers meet and actually “officially” certify election results.  They plan to meet on November 26th according to MLive and the Secretary of State’s office.

Here’s a reminder from MLive about what actually will happen December 6th,

As of Dec. 6, adults over the age of 21 can possess and consume marijuana in the privacy of their homes. It remains illegal to drive under the influence of marijuana. The state has one year to develop rules for a commercial marijuana industry in the state, and has to accept the first business license applications in December 2019.


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