The beef between Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj is getting even more heated, as the two are continuing to exchange blows publicly in both their music and on social media. After Nicki accused the Bronx MC's husband of writing her "Shether" diss track, Remy is shutting the Papoose ghostwriting accusation down.

The "Lean Back" rapper went on Instagram Live to talk to her fans and haters who have been coming at her about Nicki's accusations that Pap ghostwrote "Shether." At first, she told her followers and Nicki's Barbs to stop coming on her page with any business about Minaj.

"Get off my dick. Yo... I don't understand... like either y'all are trying to get my attention, or y'all think I give a fuck. Coming on my page thinking I give a fuck about the next hoe ass bitch is not gonna change anything. It's not gonna bring the dead back to life. It's not," Remy exclaimed.

She then went on to deny the Papoose writing accusations by referring to her previous hit verses, being that she didn't even know her husband at the time those were created.

"You know what's so crazy? Niggas [saying] Pap write for me. First of all, my husband's dumb nice. Let's just be clear on that. Been dumb nice. Niggas ain't never wanna give him his props. Now, when niggas get shethered, now all of a sudden he writing my rhymes. Who the fuck was writing my rhymes before I met him? I met Pap after 'Lean Back,' after 'Conceited,' after 'Whatever,' after the 'Ante Up' remix, after all of my mixtapes. Who was writing my shit then? Like, are you fucking dumb? And I'm bigger than you. It ain't about who's bigger, it's about who's better. Stupid," she ranted.

Taking even more shots at Nicki, Remy also warns her to stop bringing up her previous shooting case, making a reference to the Queens MC's brother, Jelani, who has been indicted for child rape.

"And until you know, if you wasn't there, don't talk about nobody case at all period. And even if everything they said was right and exact in my case, bitch I ain't never touch nobody's kids. How about that? I ain't never [inaudible] no fucking minors, fuck you talkin' bout? Stupid. Now fuck off my page," Remy stated.

If you recall, the latest diss from Nicki came from a snippet of her verse on Chainz's "Realize" track off of his upcoming Pretty Girls Like Trap Music album.

"I’ve been winning eight years consistently, at least respect it/Papoose wrote a ‘Ether’ record, but I broke Aretha record," Nicki raps on the song.

It looks like the tensions are still very much high between Onika and Remy, despite previous statements by Remy, but we'll have to see if the two can ever squash their differences.

See the full video of Remy addressing the Papoose ghostwriting rumors below.

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