I've never been a fan of zoo primates. They're antsy, they scream a lot and I'm pretty sure they don't like people.

Case in point: This chimpanzee at the John Ball Park Zoo.

There's no reason given as to why the chimp is agitated, perhaps it just woke up on the wrong side of the bed, but on Sunday morning, a visitor to the zoo wound up on the receiving end of a poop ball.

The video begins with the clearly distraught chimp getting riled up, and the crowd encourages his behavior. The primate fires an underhanded poop ball at the loud crowd, which catches someone's unidentifed elderly woman in a wheelchair on the nose.

'It got grandma!' exclaims a kid as the video swings to find the large ball of poop firmly attached to her nose. She does not look pleased. But everyone else does. Why all the Grandma hate?

Jacob Mitchell/YouTube
Jacob Mitchell/YouTube

The video was posted by former zookeeper Erin Vargo and was posted to YouTube yesterday. It has since gone viral.

No word as to what happened to Grandma, but if it were me, I'd still be throwing up.


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