Roscommon County Sheriff posted a funny, not so funny, lost and found item on their Facebook page, Sunday afternoon.

It seems someone has lost their bag of "ice" while they were shopping at a store in the Village of Roscommon. The post says, "We would love to return this bag to the owner who accidentally dropped it." They ended the post with just stoppin' by the sheriff's office to claim the dropped drugs. Which would be pretty great if the person did stop by, and would make the job for police a lot easier.

While the post is funny, I wonder if they don't already have a suspect? Check out the  second hashtag:

Kinda makes it seem like they already know who can't keep a hold of their drugs.
By the way, not everyone found comedy in the post, the comments range from amusement on whether someone would stop by to claim their drugs, to how unprofessional the police are to post it. While it sucks that someone is on that stuff, I don't think its unprofessional to offer their drugs back.  I'd say it's more unprofessional to drop the product.

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