President Donald Trump's call for NFL owners to get rid of players who protest the American Flag has a lot of people pissed and hoping the players will take action today. While more players are stepping up and kneeling in silent protest, others have chosen other routes. This has not left Russell Simmons in his happy place.

Instead of kneeling, some players chose to lock arms. The Pittsburgh Steelers stayed in the locker room while the Anthem was being played prior to their game with the Chicago Bears. Simmons called both acts bitch moves on social media. "Locking arms and staying in the locker room hiding is for bitches," he tweeted. "I'm sorry I'm so upset WTF. So we not sure if black lives matter."

After some time to cool off, the Def Jam co-founder followed up with, "I regret my choice of words, but a coach coming out and saying we don't wanna be politicized is not supporting your brother or BLM."

Simmons isn't the first person in the hip-hop community to speak passionately about the NFL controversy. Earlier today, J. Cole made a rare appearance on Twitter and advised fans to boycott the League and suggested an investigation be conducted into why Colin Kaepernick hasn't been signed.

“God bless every player that finds courage to kneel today. But the real power comes from you deciding to not watch," Cole posted on Twitter. "Your eyes translate to advertising money for the League and it’s owners…You and me have the power to deny them our attention ($$ to them) until they make a wrong situation right.”

See Simmons' tweets below.

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