Amazon announced a bunch of new products and features of its line of Echo speakers today, including an “Echo Studio” which offers high-end audio to go with the company’s new Amazon Music HD streaming service, and some new upgrades to Alexa, its virtual assistant. Most exciting among them: Alexa’s first celebrity voice, Samuel L. Jackson.

Best of all, the Alexa version of Sam Jackson can be as profane as the real one. According to the product page on Amazon:

After purchasing the feature, you choose whether you’d like Sam to use explicit language or not. If you ever change your mind, you can toggle between clean and explicit content in the settings menu of the Alexa App.

I’m sorry; if you buy Samuel L. Jackson Alexa and you don’t have him curse at you when you ask him for an easy recipe for chicken piccata, what are you even doing with your life?

According to Amazon, the Sam Jackson Alexa voice “can help you set a timer, serenade you with a song, tell you a funny joke, and more.” However, he will not be able to assist you with “shopping, lists, reminders or Skills.” Which is a shame; I would love to have Samuel L. Jackson profanely order my groceries for me. (“Muthaf— you forgot to buy more eggs!”)

The Samuel L. Jackson Alexa voice will be $.99 for those who purchase when it becomes available later this year; in 2020, the price goes up to $4.99. Supposedly more celebrity voices are coming after that. I vote for Gilbert Gottfried next.

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