The COVID-19 pandemic is causing more families to be in need of help and a couple U.S. Reps are trying to get folks a $2,000 check each month for up to six months.

According to WZZM, in a time when many families are struggling, U.S. Reps. Tim Ryan of Ohio and Ro Khanna of California are wanting the government to pass the Emergency Money For the People Act.

  • Any single American 16 or older that makes less that $130,000 per year would receive a monthly check of $2,000.
  • Married Americans who collectively make less than $260,000 a year would receive a monthly check of $4,000, plus $500 per kid up to three children.

This would not be taxed or considered earned income.

This new proposal would include more Americans who received nothing from the CARES Act plus help those who lost their jobs, were laid off or furloughed.

This new stimulus plan would also include people who had no earnings or were already unemployed.

This new legislation is also attempting to make receiving the money easier with direct deposit, checks mailed to you, PayPal or apps like Venmo or Zelle.

So far, seventeen Democratic representatives have expressed their support of the proposal. Thus far, no Republican representatives have expressed their support.

The Emergency Money for People Act is still being negotiated in Washington, but I have to tell you, seeing how this would actually really help Americans who are hurting, odds are the government would never do something this good based on their actions over the past 30 years.*

*Opinions expressed in this article are that of the author and do not represent the views of the station or Townsquare Media.

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