Grocery shopping isn't what you'd necessarily consider "fun" but its something that has to get done so anything that makes the process easier is always welcomed!

As of Tuesday, June 19 you can now "Shop & Scan" at Meijer. We heard about the program back in April, when it was being tested at some locations, and as of today it's available around many stores in Michigan and other states.

The way it works is simple - you go around and do your normal shopping but as you're putting items in your cart, you scan them! To make it even faster, bring your own bags so you can scan and bag as you go. It's all done on the Meijer app. After you login (or create your account) click on "More" and you'll see the Shop & Scan tab available. As you see, when you click on it, it'll find the closest store using the program and all the eligible ones.


Once you've got everything you need... head to checkout, scan the barcode, pay, and done! And if you're a coupon clipper like me, your mPerks automatically apply.

Meijer has a list of FAQ's just in case you want more info.

Fox 17 says by the end of the year, "Shop & Scan" will be at all 235 stores.

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