The Simpsons kicked off 2020 with an episode that featured a random joke about the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library.

In the episode titled "Hail to the Teeth", Milhouse is telling Lisa about their fictional honeymoon when he will take her to Michigan, Ohio, and Ontario.  On this fictional trip, Milhouse and Lisa visit the "Gerald Ford Presidential Library" but the picture that Milhouse drew looks suspiciously like the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum and not the Library.  The Museum is located right here in Grand Rapids, but the Library is located in Ann Arbor.

Below you can check out a picture of the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library in Ann Arbor.

Google Streetview

And here you can check out a picture of the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum in Grand Rapids.

Townsquare Media

The museum looks a lot more like the drawing Milhouse did, right down to the glass facade and the blue lettering on the building.  No matter what they intended for Milhouse to draw in the episode, they still made fun of the place implying that it's not very fun and that it would make a horrible honeymoon destination.

This isn't the first time that Gerald R. Ford or Michigan was brought up on the Simpsons either.  in 2017, they threw some serious shade at Detroit Lions fans and then in an episode from 1996, Gerald R. Ford moves in next door to Homer and the Simpsons and the two end up getting along very well.  You can check out a clip from that episode below.

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