**UPDATE: The house has been found! You can now see it as part of the Skeletour display in Downtown Kalamazoo**

It's something that happens every year in October...skeletons invade downtown Kalamazoo.

Skeletour, as it's called, brings themed skeletons to the downtown Kalamazoo area that are usually posed in front of businesses. They stay up throughout the month so people can see them, take pictures with them, and so on. Cheri's Chocol'art, for example, has an I Love Lucy-themed skeleton outside their store as an homage to that iconic chocolate factory scene from the show:

However, with the official kick-off of the Skeletour happening this Friday, October 7th, a piece of one of the displays has gone missing.

A small, haunted house meant to be used for the Jacqua Realtors' display has disappeared. This is what it looks like:

Via/ Downtown Kalamazoo
Via/ Downtown Kalamazoo

The 5ft house was taken from the area surrounding the 8th District Courthouse. Now, it could have been taken by mistake since there was no skeleton set up next to it at the time. However, Downtown Kalamazoo is now asking locals to keep an eye out for it so it may be returned to Jaqua Realtors' display.

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It was last seen in the back of a white pickup driving south on Westnedge around 2:15 pm. This was close to Whites Road. There's no reward being offered but, there's also no penalty for taking it. They just want it back.

If you happen to spot it around town, call 269-388-2830, and someone will come and get it. Additionally, you can reach out to the Downtown Kalamazoo Facebook page here.

This isn't the first time a piece of the Skeletour display has gone missing. Last year, someone decided to steal the head off one of the skeletons:

The kickoff for Skeletour is happening this Friday, October 7th, as mentioned above. Find more information below:

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