Smokepurpp recently had another rough day at the office. Video has once again surfaced of the South Florida rapper performing to a very sparse crowd.

Smokepurpp's We Outside Tour is currently in full swing. However, the rapper has recently been the topic of discussion for how low the turnout has been for some of his latest shows. Purpp performed in Boston on Sunday (April 24), at a venue called Middle East. On Monday (April 25), video and social media horror stories about the show began to surface. One video shows a DJ spinning records for the mostly empty venue as 20 or so people mill around. One of the people in the video yells, "We out," to the camera, signifying he is about to leave. Pump hasn't even stepped onstage yet.

Another video shows Pump onstage rapping the song "Fingers Blue" pretty unenthusiastically.

There are conflicting reports as to how long Smokepurpp performed. Local photographer Kristopher Carter recounted his experience at the show on social media. "SmokePurpp’s show last night in Boston was a disaster," Carter wrote on Twitter along with photos he reportedly took from the show. "Just to clarify, It wasn’t the promoter’s fault, it wasn’t the DJ’s fault and it wasn’t the venue’s fault."

He goes on to claim Smokepurpp was over an hour late and says Purpp was onstage for around 10 minutes before abruptly leaving. Carter also claims there was no meet-and-greet with the rapper and alleges Purpp went to the strip club instead of meeting with fans.

"That's some bullshit, bro," one disgruntled fan vented in video captured at the venue. "You telling me we've been waiting like two-and-a-half hours. Not even that. You're gonna perform maybe three or four songs? What the fuck is that?"

Smokepurpp went viral last week when video surfaced of a scarcely attended tour stop in Michigan. Purpp reacted to the social media commentary with a video of tour highlights on Instagram. "Tour been lit DONT BELIEVE THE HYPE, I love what I do and ima give my fans a show regardless, I bet they won’t post this tho.. WE OUTSIDE !¡ NEXT STOP : EAST COAST 📍🍾🕺Ticket link in bio 💪🏽," he captioned the post.

Purpp's tour has four more stops and closes out on May 8 in Seattle. XXL has reached out to Smokepurpp's team for comment.

See reactions to Smokepurpp's Boston show below.

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