Snoop Dogg made an unfortunate blunder while DJing at the NHL’s All-Star Skills Competition on Saturday (Jan. 28). During the player's introduction, the veteran rapper was supposed to spin some ditties while the hockey players hit the ice. Unfortunately, Snoop chose to play the uncensored version of Dr. Dre’s classic banger “The Next Episode.”

What Snoop probably didn’t realize at the time that he's spinning at a family-friendly atmosphere not at a club. Since the event is being broadcast live on NBC Sports, viewers at home had to listen to the explicit lyrics as well.

Snoop seemed to catch on to his error and went for another song to play as the arena announcer tried to drown out the profanity by announcing the player’s introductions. Oddly enough, Snoop’s next selection was DMX’s “Party Up” which has even more profanity. *Facepalm*

Afterward, the Doggfahter laughed off his blunder by sharing sharing an article about his mistake on Instagram and captioning the post with a simple, "My bad."

Watch the video above.

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