Snoop Dogg gave a stellar performance during his set at the 2017 Jazz Fest in New Orleans over the weekend (May 6), but there was someone else that stole the show during his set. The BUSH rapper was joined by a sign language interpreter to the side of the stage, who helped some of his hearing-impaired fans get a full impression of his set.

In video footage taken from a member of the crowd, the interpreter, whose name is Holly Maniatty, can be seen making gestures while the Neva Left MC is rapping the lyrics to his verse on the remix to 50 Cent's "P.I.M.P." hit record from 2003. Shortly after the video hit the web, Maniatty became a sensation, garnering in over 13 million views for her work with Snoop during his Jazz Fest set.

This is far from the first time Maniatty has worked with rappers to interpret their music through sign language for fans at live shows. She has also done work with the Beastie Boys, Wu-Tang Clan and Killer Mike in the past, and even went viral when she was captured on video at a Public Enemy concert in 2015 and a Wu-Tang Clan show in 2013.

During a 2013 radio interview, Maniatty revealed she spends nearly 50-80 hours studying the music before she does a performance.

"In order to make the interpretations as authentic as possible so the deaf patron is getting as close to the same experience as the hearing people are getting, I’m using signs that are, you know, indigenous to where that person, you know, grew up, or where they’re from or where they’re living currently," she explained.

There's no question any hearing-impaired fans will appreciate Maniatty's work to make the concert the best experience possible for them. Hopefully she'll be able to do a lot more work with rappers in the future, as she seems to be great at interpreting the lyrics.

Watch Holly Maniatty in action with Snoop Dogg at the 2017 Jazz Fest below, and peep Snoop perform "Gin and Juice" as well.


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