THIS is why I always tell people I don’t want antiques in my house!

I saw on Fox 17 yesterday that they had come across someone selling a haunted Antique chair on Facebook Market place. So I jumped over to the ad to find out more about this chair, that she wanted $50 for.

She starts off the post pretty normal,

Antique chair. Beautiful carved detail in the wood. We suspect the cushion is stuffed with horsehair. Upholstery needs to be cleaned, because it’s been in our garage for a year.

Then it gets a bit weird,

My husband doesn’t want it back in the house, since we’ve determined it’s haunted.


At this point in the post, I pretty much figured no one was going to buy the chair.  Then I read the rest where she talks about things moving when it was downstairs and when they moved it upstairs, they felt as if someone was sitting on the bed while they were sleeping.

After reading all that, no way would someone buy that chair, because truth time - I won't put antiques in my house for this EXACT reason; Some old guy attached to my chair, a creepy woman walking around because of a mirror I buy, or worse, its an evil spirit or something attached to where I'm keeping my undies. BUT,  that’s where you can say, “Well, you’re an idiot, people buy haunted stuff all the time; ever watch any of the 'haunting' shows or Paranormal State or even Ghost Hunters all on A&E?”

You’re right on all you said because the $50 haunted antique chair on Facebook Marketplace has been sold!

Somewhere here in West Michigan, someone is about to sit on a ghost’s lap.


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