With all of this rain, it brings animals and bugs that should not be invading spaces.

Have you ever heard of springtails?

Well, if you have not, you are blessed! But they are definitely here in Michigan.

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What are springtail fleas?


Suburban Extermination says that you can identify the springtail by its

"round "humpbacked" body, no wings, and a distinctive head with long antennae. They get their name from a forked appendage attached to the end of the abdomen, which can be bent under the body and, when released, helps the insect to "spring" forward, much like a flea."

While they are often confused for the common flea, they are a little different.

Unlike fleas, springtails do not bite at all.

They are obsessed with wet weather but you can see them all year round.

Are springtail fleas in Michigan?

Unfortunately, they are here to bug us all!


A family in the White Cloud family noticed that their backyard was flooded by thousands of the little bugs.

According to this family, the same fleas showed up at their home last year for roughly two weeks.

How do you get rid of springtail fleas?

If you think they are coming in from your drains, you have to clean them thoroughly and then rinse the drain with vinegar.

Pest World says you can get rid of springtails by,

"reducing sources of excess moisture. Leaky pipes and standing water are ideal conditions for springtails when the outside weather becomes too cold. If an indoor infestation persists, contact a pest control professional to learn more about how to get rid of springtails."

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