Summer is here in full effect! This warmer-than-usual weather has been making it hard to stay cool.

The CDC shared that roughly 1,220 people across the country are killed by extreme heat every year.

Make sure you are having a great time during the summer while staying vigilant about your health.

Here are a few tips and tricks to stay cool in this Michigan heatwave.

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5 Ways To Staying Cool In This Michigan Summer Heatwave

1. Stay Wet

The British Red Cross says, "The more skin you can cool down, the better."

You can try drenching your T-shirt with cool water. There are also cooling sprays that you can buy. Also, you can try to take a cool shower whenever you can.


2. Stay Overly Hydrated

That may be an obvious tip but it is definitely one to keep in mind as the days get hotter.

If you already feel like you drink enough water, drink MORE!

3. Eat Light Meals To Feel Cooler

If you are eating heavier foods like it is hot, it may weigh you down more than the heat does.

You can try eating water-based foods like strawberries, cucumbers, lettuce, or celery to help with hydration and hunger at the same time.


4. Keep your home cool

The AC system is about to be your best friend throughout these hot days.

I know you are stressing about the energy bill though so there are good tips for you to still stay cool but keep the costs down below.

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5. Limit your alcohol intake

Another obvious tip! While I know drinking a cold beer or any other alcoholic drink sounds like the perfect way to spend your summer days, it is not good during these heat waves.


Mixing the hot sun with too many drinks is a dangerous combination since alcohol can cause dehydration.

Now, I am not saying do not drink alcohol at all during these days but drink them in moderation.

Consumer's Energy compiled 100 tips and tricks for saving energy throughout these heat waves.

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