Swizz Beatz recently had to check Joe Budden for a disparaging tweet the rapper-turned-podcast cosigned about Swizz's wife Alicia Keys.

Last night (May 26), Twitter user @heyjasmine posted an assessment about Keys' 2004 song "Diary." In her opinion, the R&B singer was outdone on the track by uncredited singer Jermaine Paul.  "Alicia keys really got cooked on Diary," the Twitter user posted.

Joe Budden found the tweet and decided to chime in in the comments. "Lowkey lol," he posted.

Swizz Beatz got wind of Budden's post and defended his wife's honor.

"King Knock it all the way off!" the Bronx, N.Y. super producer posted. "Let’s not do this! I never get into your zones! Leave my wife out of everything but greatness! Please …….."

After seeing how Swizz felt about his post, Joe Budden removed his tweet.

Some people in the comments compared the situation to the infamous 2022 Oscars fiasco, where Will Smith slapped Chris Rock for making a joke about Will's wife Jada Pinkett Smith, with one person even posting a video of Will screaming at Chris, "Keep my wife's name out your muthafuckin mouth." Will's drastic reaction has had some negative effects on his career. He has been banned from Oscar Award events for the next decade by the Film Academy. In wake of the slap, two films set to star the actor have reportedly been put on hold.

Swizz decided to keep his response a little more tactful.

Check out Swizz calling out Joe Budden for his tweet about Alicia Keys below.

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