When elite lyricists come to mind, Tech N9ne's name is often in the conversation. The rapper, who's been in the game for more than 25 years, can easily rap circles around his peers -- the old and new school included.

For the first in XXL's Flex Zone series, Tech flexes his rap muscle, choosing to spit a verse from "Wifi (WeeFee)," a track featured on his 2016 album, The Storm.

"People need me, I'm the WeeFee/I get 'em on movies and TV/Connecting Scooby and Stevie/Straight from Missouri to Fiji/Trying to intrigue me ain't easy/Unless you bringing them bad beasies in three-bies/We be having them louder than 194 DB," he raps.

When the Kansas City native recently visited XXL, he opened up about the inspiration for the track. Tech sees himself as the connect.

"I write from my heart so everything I say, I say with force. Especially the rhyme called 'Wifi (WeeFee)'– that’s the way they say it in Paris. When I first found out how to say Wi-Fi over there, they don’t know Wi-Fi, but they know what WeeFee is. I’m the Wi-Fi, so I get everybody connected. I’m trying to let the whole world know that I can keep it connected if you get with me, you know what I’m saying? I could put you on," he shares.

"I’m such a vet that you bet that I can get you connected, because I’m the Wi-Fi, you know what I’m saying? You cannot stay still when you do that kind of thing, I meant it. This is my life I’m talking about, even when I’m just busting like that."

Watch Tech N9ne, who kicks off his Strictly Strange 2017 Tour in March, hit the Flex Zone above.

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