Meek Mill is currently sitting behind bars, but the Philly rapper is looking ahead to his first day out.

On Monday (Feb. 5), Tee Grizzley shared the remix for his hit song "First Day Out" which features the "Dreams and Nightmares" rapper. "I made a milli from rapping, and I ain't look back/I brought that Dawn in my hood, they was like 'What's that?'/They tried to tell me I lost, nigga, I shook that/Being broke did somethin' to my soul/Had a nigga locked down, 23 in the hole," Meek spits over the piano-driven beat.

"First Day Out (Remix)" also gets new verse from Tee Grizzley, who makes mention of the Philadelphia Eagles and gives a shout out to Meek. "I went platinum, I get paid to be on camera/I'm the nigga from my generation with a mansion (Free Meek!)/Other niggas from my generation dead or in the pen/Still pray for them niggas 'cause some of them my mans/When they shot my little brother I jumped in that van," Tee raps with the same intensity as the original track.

While it's uncertain when Meek's verse was recorded, the rapper makes mention of his relationship with Nicki Minaj—"I done bagged a popstar, put a Wraith on the road"— and his probation—"I told her that this Glock if it's real/I'm on probation, I can't go to jail, no."

On Jan. 31, new documents revealed unethical behavior by the judge in Meek Mill's court case. The documents spotlight the relationship between judge Genece Brinkley and Carla L. Wilson, a city of Philadelphia employee who wrote a service letter for the judge's lawsuit against the city. The collaboration between the two could be a violation of the Judicial Code of Conduct.

Listen to the "First Day Out (Remix)" below.

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