Gutsy. Stupid, but gutsy.

Grand Rapids Police arrested 4 teenagers, between the ages of 15 and 17-years-old, Saturday, for stealing merchandise from the Marathon Gas station on Cherry St. and Market Ave., downtown.

According to WZZM13, the teens walked into the store, grabbed some stuff and the as the last one was walking out, he showed the clerk that he had a gun in his waistband. WZZM13 says the gun turned out to be a bb gun, according to police.

In my head, he also said, “Don’t call the cops”, as he pulled that move, of course, that’s not official, but how it played out in my head.

Anyway, the teens then jumped into their getaway car… a Rapid bus.  Seriously, the kids timed it so that the bus would be pulling up outside.

Of course, a bus sucks as a getaway vehicle, you know, because of all the scheduled stops.  So police were able to quickly catch up with them, and stop the bus just a little ways away on Market Ave., and arrested the teen without incident.

All four teens were taken to juvenile detention, according to WZZM13.


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