Wow, they say good sportsmanship is key to sports, but the Chicago Wolves are a bit salty after their loss last night to the Griffins.

The teams official Twitter account complained life wasn’t fair for them in Grand Rapids:

The Griffins won last night's game 6-2, so it sounds like last night wasn't going "perfectly" in Game 3, unless you're used to losing, which by the sounds of this post, not so much.

Now, in fairness, it does seem like the last night was a very rowdy game - one of the other Twitter posts from the team was about a Griffins' fan who dumped a drink on Wolves players, which isn't cool:


But still, the reaction from other twitter users calling the Wolves babies is pretty great.



Yeahhh, maybe don’t let interns run your twitter, guys. No need to cry this hard.


Typical Chicago reaction to a blowout.



Wow, what a bunch of crybabies. I'm sure that's why you lost by four goals. They were skating on different ice than you all night. That's it. Oh wait, no. Take the loss and move forward like professionals, instead of sitting around whining on Twitter like children.


There's also a lot of great memes of kids throwing temper-tantrums, it's worth a 5 minute break to read through them.

Currently the Griffins lead 2-1, with Game 4 of the Calder Cup Playoffs tonight at Van Andel Arena.  Game starts at 6 pm.


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