Summer is almost here, and we're all itching for it. We've had tastes of sunshine and warm weather here and there, but it hasn't gone full summertime mode yet in Michigan.


However, this year's weather has brewed a perfect storm to ruin your summer plans, and it has nothing to do with the forecast.

Experts say that Michigan is forecasted to have an above average showing this summer, and that you should be on the lookout for some of the diseases they carry and transmit through biting you and your pets.

Why will there be more ticks?


You would think that a colder than average winter would cause the tick population to drop, but the weather plays a very small factor into how ticks breed and move around our area. Last fall was an extraordinarily good season for nuts and seeds in Michigan, which means that many rodents in our state were able to save enough to last through the extra cool winter.

Extra squirrels and rodents mean... more places for ticks to start their lifecycle. 

Grey squirrel yawning

With the extra abundant season for our furry friends, they become an extra easy meal for ticks early in the season. As they start to populate more, they jump to humans and their companions and spread further.

Why should I be worried about ticks?

Close up photo of adult female deer tick crawling on piece of straw

Not only do tick bites suck in general, it's not just their creepiness you have to worry about. Ticks carry many diseases you may already be aware of such as Lime's disease. But they also carry some that you may be more horrified to know exist like Alpha-gal Syndrome which can cause you to become allergic to red meat. (Say goodbye to those fun BBQs.)

How do I check for ticks?

It's best to have a second person to help you check. And, if you're able - take a shower after your time outdoors. It's sometimes easier to find ticks in wet hair, and when you're able to fully inspect yourself without clothing in your way.

The mite bites a reddish dog

So enjoy all of the pure Michigan you can this summer, just make sure you don't catch any tag along pests that could ruin your summer plans.

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