If you’ve been to Traverse City, this is probably going to be good new to hear!

According to MLive, Georgina's Fusion Cuisine is planning to open a location in Grand Rapids on Wealthy Street this summer.

Georgina’s is known for being an authentic Asian and Latin taqueria in downtown Traverse City and is a favorite among locals and visitors.

The owner of Georgina’s, chef Anthony Craig told MLive he’s planning to open his Grand Rapids location where Phil’s Stuff used to be located (724 Wealthy St.)

He also said he was drawn to Grand Rapids because of our city atmosphere, which is something I’ve fallen in love with since moving here.

"When I visited Grand Rapids, I liked how local people were walking around," Craig said. "I don't have that type of atmosphere year-round in Traverse City."

I’m excited to have another place to choose from downtown, especially since he plans to have outdoor seating during the summer!


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