If you’re traveling to Colon, Michigan and find yourself in need of a ride around town, you can now flag down the “Amish Uber.”

According to NBC25News, Timothy Hochstedler, who is Amish, has started offering rides in his horse and buggy.  He told the news outlet that he calls it "Amish Uber" although he has no affiliation with the ride-share app, mostly because he doesn’t have a cell phone.  (And since Uber probably can’t find him since he doesn’t have a phone or email, he will be the Amish Uber for at least 14 days until the post office can deliver a letter.)

Yeah, so if you find yourself in Colon, needing a ride, unlike around Grand Rapids where you can log in on the app and find a ride, you just have to flag Timothy and his horse down.

Ernest Bontrager/YouTube
Ernest Bontrager/YouTube

He says for $5, you’ll get a ride and some stories along the way; you’ll also probably sweat out some toxins because that black buggy isn’t air-conditioned, so that’s a bonus.

Timothy told NBC25News that he mostly picks up out-of-towners but has given a few locals a ride.

Last thought, if you do find yourself in Colon anytime soon and are wanting to do the “Amish Uber” -  make sure it is Timothy before just jumping in any buggy you happen to see.  You may scare somebody just going to get groceries.

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