Occasionally I'll go "house looking" online.  Usually, it's to see what the big expensive houses look like, but this time around, I went looking on Realtor.com for the smallest house you could buy, that wasn't in a condo/apartment.

I found it and it's small. This two-bedroom, one-bath house comes in at a whopping 560 sq ft.  The listing says it's a ranch, but it's 560 sqft, doesn't it need to be longer to be a ranch house? Maybe I'm just thinking of my grandparents' house that was considered ranch and was long. It has a garage and sits on a 1/4 acre.

Looking through the pictures, this could and probably WOULD be a project home. It hs a lot of potential, especially when you see the Google Map view and see the yard, long drive and how it's hidden behind the trees.

Google Maps

Now here's where I wonder if it's not about the house, as much as it is that potential of the property I was just talking about (?) because the house is listed at $95,000.

It's just off of Remembrance Rd, so in a good spot on the NW side of the area.

Take a tour of the tiniest house listed in Grand Rapids.

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