Take a trip to Northern Michigan and you're sure to come away with some souvenirs and fudge (plus a few more pounds than you left with). But this area tourist trap couldn't have gotten the Great Lakes more wrong.

We all know (or at least I thought we all knew) our Great Lakes. Every elementary student who grows up here learns HOMES, the convenient way to remember our lakes. But whoever designed this shirt was either very Michigan-centric or anti-Canada as they completely forgot Lake Ontario.

The shirt features a family of animals canoeing "The Great Lakes: Lake Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie."

And Ontario. Oh yeah, that one.

It's the only lake that doesn't touch Michigan, so maybe that's why this Mitten-based tourist trap decided to drop Lake O. But without Ontario what becomes of HOMES?




It works, I guess.

BONUS VIDEO - There are Just 4 Great Lakes

We did tell you once that there are truly only 4 Great Lakes, but not because of a t-shirt printing mistake.

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