Allergy sufferers beware!  Fox 17 talked to a local allergist and they say this weekend is going to be especially bad for allergies!

They actually recommend if you have asthma or other respiratory illnesses, you may actually want to just stay inside this weekend.

Fox 17 talked to Dr. Sarah Uekert from Grand Rapids Allergy about why this weekend looks to be extra tough for people with allergies,

"This weekend we anticipate with all the rain and now the sunshine and the warmer weather that all the trees and the grasses are going to be super excited and just pollen explosion."

Now, of course, this isn’t a scary epidemic that we should be sounding alarms for, but if you suffer from allergies and need a reason to just stay on the couch and binge on Netflix this weekend,  here you go.  A doctor said to stay inside.  You’re welcome.


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