If you thought fireworks were the only thing patriotic for Independence Day, think again because Tim Hortons just unveiled their patriotic doughnuts.

According to MLive, Tim Hortons had originally created Fireworks Donuts for the Canadian holiday Canada Day that is July 1 but now offer an American version for the July 4.

Tim Hortons is based out of Toronto Canada and recently unveiled their fireworks donuts with a fireworks show that lit up the Metro Detroit and Southwest Ontario sky.

These donuts are no ordinary donuts, they are explosive. What makes them explosive is the popping candy that is part of the toppings of each of the donuts.

For those in the United States, the Independence Day Fireworks Donut had red and white popping candy with blue and white sprinkles that cover a delicious vanilla fondant over the donut.

If you are in Canada, the Fireworks Donut has red and white popping candy with red and white sprinkles on top of the flavorful vanilla fondant that covers the top of the donut.

The to get one of the Fireworks Donuts, just swing by an area Tim Hortons beginning on Wednesday and these babies will only be around for a limited time.