T.I. and Tiny might not be back together, and may not plan on it for the future, but they are doing their best to keep things close with their family. Tiny recently brought T.I. and their daughter Heiress on stage while performing with Xscape in Detroit, as the other ladies serenaded their significant others to their "Do You Want To" record.

The 41-year-old singer and songwriter invited her estranged husband to sit on a stool with their one-year-old daughter on his lap as she sang to them in front of a packed crowd. While the other women of Xscape got extra cozy with their husbands, Tiny seemed to keep some distance as she serenaded Tip and Heiress.

After footage of the performance hit social media, fans speculated whether the couple could be working on a reconciliation of their marriage. Others, however, believed that T.I. was simply there to support Tiny's music career, and bring along their daughter for the special part of the performance.

If you recall, it's been a year of public ups and downs, both on and off social media, for both the rapper and singer, which led to them closing out their VH1 reality showThe Family Hustle.

While Tiny has served T.I. with divorce papers, they are both still reportedly working out the kinks of their co-parenting, being that they take care of six children together. Seeing them on stage together, however, could be a good sign for their relationship moving forward.

Watch the video of Tiny serenading T.I. and their daughter Heiress below.

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