WOOD TV is reporting that starting Monday, July 9th, Wealthy St. will be closed from 131 to Division Ave for major construction.  The closure will last around 2 months and for a few weeks the north part of the Wealthy/Division intersection will be closed as well.

With this being such a busy street for commuters, you need the detour right?  Well, Tom Hillen at WOOD TV laid it out:

Drivers who exit at Wealthy Street from US-131 will be detoured west on Wealthy to Market Street, which they will need to take north to Fulton Street. Drivers will then turn east on Fulton Street to Jefferson Avenue SE, which will reconnect drivers with Wealthy Street.

Drivers heading west on Wealthy Street will be detoured north on Jefferson Avenue SE, west on Fulton Street and south on Market Avenue to reconnect with Wealthy Street.

He also says that if you normally take the Wealthy St Exit from 131, you may want to take an earlier exit to avoid all the chaos.

There's a lot that is going to happen during construction, which you can see on the WOOD TV website.  The lane configuration is expected to remain the same as before the construction, just with out the potholes and wider lanes.

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