Bandanas worn by Tupac Shakur are currently up for auction.

On Wednesday (April 1), the Rock & Roll Pop Culture Auction made a red and blue bandana commonly worn by the rapper available for purchase.

The items provided by "a very close family friend of Tupac's," according to the auction site, are a tied, worn blue bandana and an untied red kerchief that appears to be unused. Both items are estimated to sell between $2,000 and $4,000.

Rock & Roll Pop Culture Auction
Rock & Roll Pop Culture Auction

The bandanas have accumulated over 10 bids, with the highest bidder offering $1,774 for the navy blue headscarf.

A Polaroid photograph of Tupac with The Outlawz is being auctioned as well, and is estimated to sell for at least $2,000. A handwritten envelope containing a letter from Tupac to a woman named Simi Chouhan is also listed on the auction website. Original press releases from Death Row Records' "All Eyez On Me Book 1 & 2" are also on sale. A signed receipt from Pac's 1996 stay at the Mondrian Hotel is among the collection of items available for purchase as well. The auction site also notes that a certificate of authenticity will accompany each piece.

Since his passing in 1996, the world has seen a variety of Pac's items go up for auction. Back in January, the black BMW 750Li that Tupac was shot in several times while riding through Las Vegas on Sept. 7, 1996 went on sale for $1.75 million. In addition to the car and bandanas, Tupac's breakup letter to Madonna was auctioned off after the singer tried to dispute the note being put up for sale.

Check out the Rock & Roll Pop Culture Auction for Tupac's belongings here.

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