It looks like Tyga may have found himself a new girlfriend, but he doesn’t want nobody to know it just yet. However, the paparazzi are a crafty bunch and they may have caught him with his alleged new boo.

New photos have surfaced of Tyga wrapping his arm around a mysterious woman (see the photo above). The photogs caught the 27-year-old rapper leaving a restaurant with a young woman who looks similar to his ex-girlfriend Kylie Jenner.

U.K. website posted a slew of photos of the couple. The woman in question may be a young lady who goes by the Instagram handle Jjordan. Not only does she look like a Kardashian, she even dresses like the younger siblings (Kylie and Kendall) with her cropped belly T-shirt, tight black jeggins and white sneakers. Tyga certainly has a type.

But what’s also funny is Tyga’s facial expression after realizing that the paparazzi was waiting outside to snap photos of them. He clearly had the “Oh S---!” look on his face. He definitely didn’t want anyone to know that he was out creeping with a Kylie doppelgänger.

When the photos started going viral, folks on Twitter had questions. Some wanted to know if the woman in the photos is of legal age (we know Tyga likes them young). Others noticed that Tyga's alleged new boo looked similar to Kylie Jenner. And most people are scratching their heads at how Tyga is able to scoop up hot babes without having a hit song or album.

"Tyga [is] the official 'on some real s--- fam don't post this' spokesperson," wrote one person about the incriminating photos. Another commenter tweeted, "Is it just me or Tyga's new girl looks like another Kylie?"

Finally, a fan tweeted, "Tyga [is] like the most successful unsuccessful rapper ever."

Peep some of the hilarious Twitter reactions from fans below.

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