Rap veteran U-God, real name Lamont Hawkins, will release his new autobiography, Raw: My Journey Into the Wu-Tang, on Tuesday (March 6). In his memoir, the Wu rhymer details his life growing up in the gritty Staten Island projects and becoming a member of one of the most legendary rap groups in hip-hop.

In an interview with Philadelphia Weekly, U-God is humbled by fans recognizing him as an OG in the rap game, but he's so much more than a rapper. In fact, he considers himself a Renaissance man.

"I’m just a musician looking for the next declaration," he explains. "I don’t see myself as no OG, I do things my way and it’s been that belief that has kept me and the music I’m a part of at the forefront."

"I’m all about incorporating my shit with this [new school] shit. You can call me “OG” or Triple OG” all you want man, but at the end of the day, I know I’m inspiration," he continued. "And I’m looking for inspiration and there are a lot of these little bucks out here that have inspired me in a different way. I’m a songwriter [and now after this book], I’m a writer and I’m looking for that Phil Collins moment."

Elsewhere, in the interview, U-God was asked about today's hip-hop music. While some rap legends have expressed destain for today's mumble rappers, U-God sees some of them as an inspiration.

"You asking the wrong person to critique how these little youngins are out here doing their thing because sometimes as much as you pride yourself on being the teacher, sometimes the student becomes the teacher," he said. "But, I’m not gonna lie some of this shit is fire, I’ll listen to it and be like, 'yo, who’s this, he’s nice.' You have to respect the ones that out here trying to do it, because for everyone of these young-in’s putting out shit that’s weak, you got just as many dudes out here putting out some quality shit, B."

You can cop U-God's autobiography, Raw: My Journey Into the Wu-Tang, at Amazon.com.

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