Have you heard about this yet?  Uber has decided that they will start allowing tips, as part of the company’s "180 days of Change".

Recently the company has gotten a lot of bad press because of the culture of the company, of which recently saw the departure of CEO Travis Kalanick, who’s taking an extended amount of time away from Uber, the company he founded.

According to the company’s press release published by Techcrunch, tipping will first start in Seattle, Minneapolis, and Houston and will start expanding as they see positive results.

Their press release says every month, the company will share improvements that help the company and the drivers. They plan to make the tipping feature standard to all U.S. Uber drivers by the end of July 2017.

They also plan to add for the drivers a few more features, 1 of which is that drivers now earn a “per minute” rate if they wait over 2 minutes for a rider AND a new “TEEN FARE” which will add $2 for each teen account that books a trip.

My only hope is, if Uber's going to accept tips, then disable the driver’s ability to rate the passengers; I don’t want a bad rating because I didn’t tip an unfriendly driver.

source: techcrunch

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