I was scrolling on TikTok (as one does) when I was educated about the idea of unclaimed property.

You may have a payday waiting for you from the state of Michigan.


It has nothing to do with taxes either!

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The Michigan Department of Treasury keeps a record of all unclaimed property, which can add up to some serious cash.

What are unclaimed properties or funds?

"The Michigan Department of Treasury has millions of dollars in lost or forgotten assets from dormant bank accounts, uncashed checks, valuable left in safe deposit boxes and stock certificates."

Only properties that are valued at $50 or more are posted on this website to keep track of.

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The average payout claim is roughly $2,000 but businesses can have larger quantities than individuals.

What happens if I do not claim my unclaimed property?

The State of Michigan auctions off items that are turned over to the Department every so often.

Click On Detroit says,

"Auction proceeds are then held for the rightful owner or their heirs. Auctions typically include a variety of collectibles including jewelry, coins, stamps, and other items."


How do I secure my unclaimed funds?

You can search for unclaimed funds by filling out your information for a claim at the Department of Treasury's online database, specifically for unclaimed funds.


If you do not want to go the online route, you can contact the office by phone or by completing an Inquiry Form (3433) and mailing it to them.

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To make it even easier for you, here is the TikTok that I found that explained everything to me.

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