Just because there are vaccines now for COVID-19, it doesn't mean you shouldn't still get tested.

Yes, it is great news that vaccines are getting rolled out across the country in the fight against the coronavirus but as a country, we are a long way from everyone or at least most everyone from getting a vaccine. At the rate things are going, it is looking like it will be a year and possibly more before everyone has the opportunity.

In the meantime we as Michiganders as well as all Americans need to still be vigilant on wearing masks, washing hands often, social distancing, avoiding crowds and staying on top of getting tested.

If you are feeling symptoms, you need to contact a doctor and follow their orders. Here is a link with COVID-19 symptoms from the CDC.

The reason I bring up testing and how important it is to get tested any time you feel you may have been exposed, maybe got to close to someone you are unsure of or just to find out if you are asymptomatic.

Asymptomatic people are those who have no idea they have the virus but are most likely to transmit the disease to others. This is very dangerous especially if you come in contact with elderly family members or people with underlying health problems.

I wear a mask, social distance, wash my hands often, stay away from crowds or congested areas in stores, not to mention wiping down my work areas with alcohol wipes in order to do my do diligence in protecting myself and others from catching the virus. I'm going to get tested again and I am feeling no symptoms whatsoever but after the holidays and all the shopping around strangers I thought it be best to make sure.

There is still plenty of free testing opportunities out there. Here is a link for COVID-19 testing that I have gone to now a couple times. It is easy to sign up for and to take the test and I get my results back quick.

No go out and get tested and let's continue to follow the CDC guidelines so we can put all this behind us over the next year.

Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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