Lee videos in to Deborah Cox to talk about her new BET+ movie and her new single 'Easy Way' live from her home. #AtHomeWithDeborahCox
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Deborah Cox is starring as "Savannah" in the legal thriller "Carl Weber's Influence"  streaming now on BET+. Set in the high-stakes world of high-priced litigation, when a Grammy award-winning  singer is charged with the murder of her movie star husband, there is only one law firm that can uncover the truth – Hudson & Hudson.
The Hudson's, a family of African-American lawyers is led by famed attorney Bradley Hudson.  Bradley is the Johnnie Cochran of our time; and along with his son Lamont, daughter Desiree and his new wife Carla, the Hudson's make up some of the best legal minds in the country.  They are going to need it to defend Grammy award-winning singer Savannah against the murder charges of her celebrity husband Kyle Kirby.

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