Planning to travel this summer? Even by car, it’s going to cost you more as gas prices are expected to be the highest we’ve had in three years.

WZZM reports that gas prices are now around $3 per gallon in West Michigan and are expected to continue to rise as we get closer to the peak of summer because of good ol’ supply and demand. The national average for gas is $2.89 per gallon, so we're not much higher... unlike California where they are already paying over $3.60 a gallon.

WZZM talked with a rep from and he said,

“This is continuing to be more so about OPEC's long-standing production cuts that have removed the glut out of crude oil. That had led to gas prices being down the past couple of years. What we're seeing now is oil inventories that are 89 million lower than last year and gas prices rise as a result."


WZZM says that if you want the cheapest gas of the week, you should fill up Sunday night or early Monday morning.  They also say doesn’t expect our gas prices to go above $3.40 a gallon.  Still, that’s about a dollar more than we want or are used to paying.

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