West Michigan residents, long accustomed to cold, snowy spring weather will have their joy interrupted Thursday when it gets warm. How warm? Well, get those cargo shorts and Crocs ready!!

The cold, wet, snowy start to spring is about to get a reprieve, much to the dismay of local residents.

Almost every weather tracking trend estimates that the temperatures in Grand Rapids will reach into the high 50s and even above 60 on Thursday and Friday, leaving local residents disappointed.

"Without miserable weather, my GIF with the groundhog covered in snow giving everyone the finger is not going to get many more 'likes'!" declared Steve Huizenga, a middle school Instagram star.

Along a similar vein, Ron Erstegarten says he just changed his profile picture on Facebook to a cartoon of two men enjoying a beer in cold weather gear.

"It's hilarious! One guy says to the other 'I don't care how cold it is, it's spring, dammit, and I'm sitting on the patio!'" Erstegarten explained. "Now that joke makes no sense, because you CAN sit on the patio!"

Others point out that the colder the weather, the more calories they can burn according to the Wim Hof Method.

"Keeping my internal thermostat at temps below 40 degrees keeps me healthy!" declared Juan Santiago, who also enjoys Cryotherapy, but would rather not pay for it.

"I guess I'll have to get the tubs of Ice Water out again."

"This means Jenny Randall's going to wear flip flops to school!" said an exasperated Holly Dunphy. "Have you seen her toe nails? They're GROSS!! Another week of cold would give her enough time to get a pedicure. Please God, make it stay cold!"

John VanKleenstra is also a little disappointed. "If it gets too sunny, my wife will make me do yard work this weekend!" he told WFGR. "And I wanted to go see 'Isle of Dogs', because that Bill Murray cracks me up, in this one HE'S A DOG!!! Wearing a baseball jersey!! How cool is that?!"

If it makes you guys any happier, it will rain on Friday. But it will also be 67 degrees.



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