Who knew part of the coronavirus would be having "tiger fever" with everyone binging the Netflix hit "Tiger King".

The latest, and quite honestly I'm glad, is the co-owner of Mitten Brewing Co, Chris Andrus, doing an acoustic cover of Joe Exotic's first release "I Saw A Tiger"  - of course for the video he's from the Kitten Brewing and goes by Chris "Doesn't Hiss" Andrus.  It's really good.

The original song didn't sound too bad, although we now know that Joe never really sang the songs.. and according to the YouTube description on the original song, it was supposed to help save tigers from being slaughtered in China,

Joe Exotic co-produced his first music video to help protect and save tigers from China poaching and tiger farms. China allows more animals to be slaughtered for Chinese medicines that have no proven effects. Help Joe stop the killing of tigers in the wild of china and in china tiger farms by giving to Save The China Tigers at http://donatechina.savethechinatigers...

That link doesn't work by the way, and who knows if it ever did... I'm guessing that it did at some point, but none of that money ever made it to China, at least not the tigers in China.  Also, why is he standing on a rescue truck in the video, what did that have to do with any of it?!   I digress.

Here's the original if you want to compare.  Chris's version is better in my opinion. His pizza is better, too!


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