Just days after the terrible school shooting in Oxford, Michigan, copycat threats rang out across West Michigan causing several schools to close their doors Friday.

When a tragedy like the one at Oxford High School earlier this week happens, schools and parents want students to come forward if they know of any possible threats from their classmates. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case at area schools.

WOOD reported a host of West Michigan schools from Big Rapids to Berrien County shutting their doors out of caution from threats being made toward schools.

These threats are a very sick way for students to try and get out of a day at school. This leads me to believe that since so many of our students today have grown up in school with these mass shootings happening all across the country, some kids have become desensitized and find humor in making empty threats.

The school threats didn't start in West Michigan, on Thursday the trend began on Michigan's east side of the state where 60 schools closed their doors in case one of these threats were real.

The actual threats being made were not listed, nor was their method, but school districts had to take every threat seriously for the safety of their students, teachers, and other school staff.

Below is a list of West Michigan schools that shut their doors Friday with a brief description:

  • Allegan County - Wayland Union Middle School went to remote learning after a threat was made.
  • Berrien County - Watervliet Public Schools were closed from a threat.
  • Big Rapids -  A high school student made a potentially concerning statement causing doors to be closed at all their schools.
  • Fruitport Community Schools - There was a threat of violence against the school. This also caused the district's Early Childhood Center to close.
  • Ionica Public Schools - A threat was made toward the middle school leading to the district shutting down all the schools and the Ionia County Career Center.
  • Mecosta County - A threat on Friday lead to the closing of the Chippewa Hills School District.

All of these threats are under investigation with the potential for serious charges made against any individual who made a threat against a school. If you or someone you know, has any information about these threats, you are urged to contact the local police in your area and the school the threat was made against.

A threat was made on the east side of the state in Genesee County, where a 17-year-old student from the Flint Southwestern Classical Academy posted a rap video on social media of her threatening to shoot up the school like Oxford. The student has already been charged with two felonies and could now spend 20 years in prison.

Parents, encourage your kids not to make threats, they will be prosecuted. Also, encourage your kids to come forward if they know about a threat or someone who could be a potential threat.

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